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My Rooms Furniture Gallery offers great deals on wall art & framed print sales!  Our showrooms in Augusta GASavannah GACharleston SCColumbia SC& our Online Art Gallery Store feature distinct & unique wall art pieces with a Southern, coastal focus.  In addition to tropical, Lowcountry, & beach themed prints, My Rooms also offers contemporary, modern art as well as traditional styled wall art that will add character to any room in your home!

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Abstract Leaves

SKU: A8000080
List price: $153.00

Abstract Wall Art Sales

This wall art by Ashley Furniture features abstract leaves on a wrapped canvas with green, gray, taupe, white, yellow and blue colors.

Dimensions: 37"W x 49.5"H x 2.5"D

Price: $130.00

Boat - Montauk Skiff

SKU: CO12827A
List price: $268.00

Lowcountry Framed Prints

The coastal themed Montauk Skiff framed print is a large piece of art that features warm colors in a picturesque Lowcountry setting.  Hang above your sofa or use to accent an empty wall in your home.   Check out our entire line of coastal, nautical, & lowcountry themed art work to add character to your home.


Price: $227.50

Boat - Red

SKU: CO72827B
List price: $268.00

Lowcountry Framed Prints

This large framed print features a weathered wooden red boat at rest on a marsh beach. Purchase through our Online Art Gallery Store or

Visit one of our Southeastern Art Gallery Locations:

Price: $227.58

Boat - White

SKU: C012827C
List price: $262.00

Lowcountry Framed Prints

This cream rustic boat print is offered at My Rooms Furniture Gallery.  Check out our entire line of unique rustic prints with coastal & beach themes.

Price: $227.00

East and West Wing

SKU: BR14058
List price: $121.00

Rustic Green Framed Waterbird Prints

This beautiful framed print featuring a rustic-green frame and water birds is the ideal coastal decor piece for your home.  Purchase this print and others in this series at My Rooms Furniture Gallery!

Price: $103.00

Eclipse Multi

SKU: FR13854
List price: $180.00

Contemporary Art Sales

Visit My Rooms Furniture Gallery's furniture stores & showrooms in Augusta, Savannah, Charleston, and Columbia for great deals on contemporary framed print sales.  This Eclipse Multi print features abstract black and beige circular designs with a brushed metal frame.

Dimensions: 43.5"W x 30.5"H

Price: $153.00

Full Sail

SKU: CO13562
Nautical Decor and Framed Print Sales - Full Sail
List price: $369.00

Nautical Sailboat Framed Print Sales 

My Rooms Furniture Gallery offers a wide variety of Nautical Decor and Framed Prints that are perfect for a coastal home, or anyone who feels at home near the water.

Price: $313.00

Lady with Telescope

SKU: CO8388
List price: $191.00

Beautiful Beach Framed Prints

My Rooms Furniture Gallery's art galleries feature many coastal & beach themed prints ideally suited for coastal living.  This elegant framed print features cool colors, a black wooden frame, and a lady searching the horizon with her telescope.

Price: $162.35

Revolutions I

SKU: FR13855
List price: $160.00

Modern Framed Print Sales

The Revolutions I framed print offered at My Rooms Furniture Gallery features a contemporary brushed metal frame, circle patterns and colors: teal, beige, brown, and white.

Dimensions: 29.5" W x 29.5" H

Price: $133.00

Schooner II

SKU: CO11684B
List price: $300.00

Nautical Framed Prints

My Rooms Art Gallery offers great deals on nautical themed framed prints & home decor such as this elegant Schooner print.  Dressed with a handsome frame, this print is ideally suited for any office, home office, or study!  Match this piece with your current furnishings or coordinate with My Rooms Furnitrue Gallery nautical themed furniture.


Price: $255.00

Summer Moments

SKU: CO12677
List price: $560.25

SC Coastal Lifestyle

What's more relaxing than an early morning sunrise witnessed from the peaceful setting of a South Carolina beach?  My Rooms Furniture Gallery offers this & many stunning framed prints in high-definition that will allow you to escape to the beach from your own living room!

Price: $475.00

Sunset Tramonto

SKU: CO12186T
List price: $425.25

Coastal Living Tranquility

Experience the tranquility of coastal living with this Sunset Beach framed print in HD from My Rooms Furniture Gallery.  Available through our online store and in our showrooms across the Southeast.

Price: $361.46


SKU: CO12344
List price: $145.00

Vibrant Wall Art Sales

Great for a beach house or an escape to the fun & the sun!  Purchase this fun & colorful framed print featuring colorful beach chairs & umbrellas today!


Price: $123.25


SKU: BR12260A
List price: $335.00

Lowcountry Bird Prints

Available facing left or right, this Waterbird is ideally suited for any Lowcountry home.  This print features green mat and colors throughout the picture with a coastal bird standing on a sandy marsh bank.  Purchase this wall art at one of our art galleries in GA or SC or buy now through our online store - we'll ship directly to you anywhere in the US! 

Price: $284.00
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