ThermoDesk Elite Stand Up Desk

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Ergonomic Adjustable Desk Sales

Spend less time in a chair and increase the amount of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis ("NEAT") you get in your average work day when you purchase the ThermoDesk Elite by iMovR at My Rooms Furniture Gallery!

ThermoDesk_3D_Adjustable_DesksThis contemporary desk is "3D-adjustable," meaning that it can be ordered in various widths and depths in addition to being height-adjustable. You'll truly enjoy these optimal ergonomic settings - whether sitting, standing, or treading.

Made in America to the highest manufacturing quality standards,made-in-usa-thermodesk-elite-height-adjustable-desk this desk is the most advanced, versatile and attractive adjustable desk ever created. 

The ELITE incorporates dual, synchronized BOSCH precision motors, enabling it to lift up to 265 lbs without breaking a sweat, or the sound barrier. While other electric desks can sound like a coffee grinder. .

Featured Desk Dimensions:

  • 30" D x 72'W x adjustable H

Standing Desk Color Options


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